2002: A World Cup Odyssey

11 July 2010 | Published in Featured, Store | Comments Off on 2002: A World Cup Odyssey

2002: A World Cup Odyssey is a non-stop sleep-deprived month in the life of Anthony Jucha, an educated and normally sensible man who decided to get to know the world game during the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
In one of the most manic months of his life, he learns what it is to be a fan by walking a mile in their shoes – 7190.51 miles to be exact – watching as many games from as many places as possible. Visiting pubs, stadiums, public squares, cinemas and even more pubs all over Europe, he documents his travels and each nation’s highs and lows in the month of the World Cup.
Told with a cracking off-beat narrative, 2002: A World Cup Odyssey puts you right in the thick of it with Anthony as he cannonballs himself around the continent scamming his way into venues, jumping off trains and meeting all manner of fans. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and, by the end, you’ll want a long hot bath.
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